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This is me!

Welcome food lovers, to my new culinary blog! I have been wanting to start this blog since last summer, so that I can share with the world all the wonderful experiences I encounter during my Private Chef career....and what an exciting adventure it has been over the past year!

So, where do I begin....January 17th 2016 when I was hired by a couple of realtors to prepare hot & cold appetizers for an open house they were hosting in Manalapan, Fl. It was so successful that I decided this was definitely my calling in life and so I launched "Private Chef Tesia" personal chef services, providing weekly meals, small party catering, private cooking lessons, and my specialty...Dessert & Wine pairings.

Since then, I have been on a wonderful and exciting adventure of cooking dinners/weekly meals for private clients in their beautiful homes, preparing scrumptious buffet meals for small parties, conducting one on one cooking lessons (i.e. sushi making) and cooking demos in front of large groups. I have been exposed to so many wide variety of recipes, ingredients, herbs and spices from around the world, and tried dishes that I never dreamed I would encounter. This adventure has truly changed my life, for the better, and I'm looking forward to the evolvement of my career.

Stay tuned as I blog about the many wild and crazy stories & adventures I've encountered in the past year, and the future to come. I will also share photos and recipes to go along with each story.

Until next time....

Chef Tesia

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