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"Outstanding, very professional, food tasted wonderful and the prices were just right." - David D.



“I had no idea whom to hire for my husbands surprise 70 birthday. As not from area went on line with thumbtack and got 6 answers and went thru each. the meal for the price led me to TLC Chef. She surpassed what I was looking for. The food was presented superbly and the food taste as good as it looked. the complements were flowing. thank you so much” - Pat F.



"Oh. My. Word. There are no words to describe how incredible Chef Tesia is. Not only is she a spectacular chef, but she feels like family the minute she walks in the door. Her love and passion for food and people are more than evident throughout her cooking and way she carries herself. There is no chef I would recommend other than Tesia. She is absolutely amazing. I love her!" - Danielle D.



"We feel so blessed to have Tesia in our lives! The variety of delicious food, her warmth and caring as our personal chef is exceptional. We highly recommend her."  - Jan J.



"Warm, delicious, loving food. And we could tell that her delight of cooking for others was a passion that came through in her service to others. I would highly recommend everyone to try her Carribbean menu of foods. The tender loving care Tesia shows is amazing. I will never forget her as a person and her amazing food. We love you Tesia and the service you provided to us." - Dawn O.



"I cannot say enough good things about Chef Tesia. Everyone in our party found her food exceptional. They could taste the love she has for her craft. She is very professional and everything was so delicious and beautifully presented. Using her own twist on flavors I am sure anything she creates will be amazing. I will call her again very soon." - Angela D.



"Chef Tesia is amazing! I don't think there's anything she can't do. From Caribbean cuisine to Italian delicacies, you name it she can do it. Don't forget about to ask about her decadent desserts! It's quite obvious that cooking is her passion and that love shows in taste of her food and presentation." - Marilyn M.



"Chef Tesia was amazing ! She went above and beyond to cater our event at Title Trust Services . We will definitely be utilizing her services in the future. I would highly recommend TLC Chef 4 U Corp to cater your next upcoming event” - Danielle S.




 "I've had the pleasure of enjoying Chef Tesia ' s work when my husband hired her to cater my surprise 40th birthday party. She was so professional, punctual and an absolute delight to work with. She would bend over backwards to accommodate my guests, not to mention her food was amazingly delicious! She puts so much effort into paying attention to detail and her presentation of the food is beautifully displayed. I still have friends that ask me who catered the party. And at the end of the party she cleaned up not only her stuff, but helped to clean up the entire party.
I highly recommend Chef Tesia to cater any event, and can't wait to have her at my next one." - Alicia P.



"Chef Tesia comes with years of experience as a Five Start Resort chef with the Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach. She is patient, thoughtful and accommodating. Her attention to detail from the small task to the major events; and let's not forget her food presentation with each dish that is served with perfection but also full of flavor. Chef Tesia is a professional, informative, punctual, personable, creative, reliable and full of delicious dishes and amazing dessert. 
If you are looking for fun and flavor then she is the one, one that is absolutely phenomenal...the taste, presentation, service and oh my gosh, the clean up too! - Fabiola M.

Thumbtack Pro Award
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